Camaro Driver Taunts Tesla, Then Spins Out

Nov 24, 2022 3 min read
Camaro Driver Taunts Tesla, Then Spins Out

But is this the own Tesla fanboys are pretending it is?

A video is making the rounds of the Tesla-worshipping sites and social media accounts, so we figured we’d weigh in on it. The short clip shows a guy driving a fourth-gen Camaro SS alongside a Tesla sedan, we’re not sure if it’s a Model 3 or Model S since those banal interiors all look the same. Anyway, after having words with the Tesla driver, the guy in the Chevy hits it and then spins out. Tesla fanboys are interpreting this as some sort of win, but all they’re doing is exposing their ignorance.

Admittedly, it’s not a great look to spin out in your car, but when you’re handling a high-powered, rear-wheel-drive muscle car with a solid rear axle it can happen in a split second. The Tesla fanboys’ reply is that such a thing would never happen in their tech-advanced smartphone on wheels, so that makes them superior. And this is why people who prefer to really drive their car aren’t amused by such a smug response.

It requires real skill to handle a muscle car like the one in the video. Yeah, the guy messed up, but it was an honest mistake. All he did was hit the curb, but the Tesla crowd’s acting like he wrecked his car. Nope, he didn’t plow into the back of an ambulance because his tech-advanced vehicle couldn’t figure out it wasn’t part of the road.

Tesla owners are part of the cult of safety, the people who think if we just slap enough restrictions on everything in life, we can sanitize existence to the point where death and suffering disappear. Muscle cars laugh in the face of such stupidity. High-powered, rear-wheel-drive, budget-friendly cars can be dangerously awesome. You’re not living if you’re constantly cowering in fear. That doesn’t mean we condone being absolutely reckless, but wrapping yourself in bubbles and staying small isn’t really living.

We’ve covered Tesla drivers acting like complete idiots before, including trusting their Autopilot system a little too much, then crashing most gloriously. The funny thing is a crowd which worships a car which can’t handle the strobe lights on emergency vehicles like cop cars and fire trucks are mocking a Camaro driver for spinning out without understanding anything about the other car. After all, they don’t need to understand anything about other vehicles since they’re all inferior dinosaurs and their Tesla is quite literally the future of the auto industry. Their favorite tech site and Jalopnik even said so!

It’s no secret there’s tension between American muscle car owners and the cult known as Tesla owners. If that offends you, you’re not being honest with yourself about the unquestioning loyalty some people feel towards the brand and especially towards Elon Musk. Are Teslas the worst cars ever? Some people might argue they are, but we don’t think so. But can their owners be annoyingly smug and incredibly naïve? Oh very much so.

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