Facebook Tips Help With Classic Ford Truck Recovery

Jun 15, 2022 1 min read
Facebook Tips Help With Classic Ford Truck Recovery

Score one for the good guys!

A Canadian man’s beloved classic Ford truck has been recovered, all thanks to a tip submitted by a Facebook user. Back on June 10, the owner of the pickup took it to the Kamloops Golf & Country Club in British Columbia, parking it while doing a round of golf. However, when he was done the Ford was nowhere to be found.

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The owner’s stepdaughter took to Facebook, posting photos of the stolen classic truck. From there, it was shared multiple times among different local groups as people did what they could to spread the word. Several people commented they had seen it around town, but efforts to pinpoint its location proved fruitless.

Some time later, a woman in a town about 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) away messaged the stepdaughter, informing her the Ford truck was on her property. Two occupants were trying to steal gas to get it going again. One of the women called police, who responded and caught up to the stolen vehicle a short distance away.

While no details about the arrest were released to the local media, the stepdaughter did say police asked her stepfather if he wanted to press charges, so she believes the suspects were arrested.

As for the Ford, it’s still in police custody as they gather evidence. The stepdaughter told a reporter it looks to be in overall good condition. The only apparent damage was done to the gas cap. Hopefully no mechanical damage is uncovered once the vehicle is returned to the owner.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen social media be of assistance in recovering a stolen car. There are entire groups on Facebook dedicated to reporting and tracking down missing vehicles in different areas, many times returning quick results. However, for every successfully recovered ride there are many more which either are never seen again or are found in pieces. Thankfully that wasn’t the end result in this case.

Source: iNFOnews

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