C8 Corvette Driver Tries A Shortcut

Jul 18, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Driver Tries A Shortcut

And he gets an expensive lesson…

If you drive a performance vehicle which is low to the ground, you hopefully know to keep it on the pavement at all times. Even sticking to paved surfaces, you still have to be careful about some driveways and speed bumps while being ever-watchful for potholes. As you’re about to see with this C8 Corvette driver, taking such a vehicle onto a median can end poorly, even if you think you’re following a totally smart shortcut.

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Posted to TikTok (our favorite communist social media site) the clip uploaded by user JackPressleyBond shows traffic at a standstill in one direction on a highway. That can be a frustrating position, but we’ve all been there and know the only thing you can really do is wait. However, a Chevy truck decided to pull onto the grassy median, go around the barrier, and get on the other side of the highway. Then the C8 Corvette driver decided to follow.

This median, like so many of them, has a ditch in the middle to collect water runoff from the pavement. The sports car being so low go hung up on both inclines once it reached that ditch. Plus, the driver ran over the end of the barrier, ripping off the bottom portion of the rear fascia as he slammed on the gas to get out of the ditch.

All that damage was done to his mid-engine sports car just because the guy could wait like everyone else. Patience really is a virtue everyone should learn, especially when things are simply out of our control.

Years ago while stuck in a traffic jam between Las Vegas and the California border, I saw similar stupidity. A few individuals got off the interstate and were off-roading through the desert, including a guy in his Range Rover. Some of them got stuck, but all of them were busted by the police. They didn’t get any further ahead for all their scheming.


impatient driver ruins nice corvette on guardrail #impatient #baddriver #traffic #corvette

♬ original sound - JackPressleyBond
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