C8 Corvette Beaches Itself In Texas

Apr 14, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Beaches Itself In Texas

Is anyone here a marine biologist?

What we have here is a rare event in nature, a modern American sports car beaching itself in Galveston, Texas. The C8 Corvette in question tried to drive through deeply rutted sand at the beach, getting hopelessly stuck. Why someone would try such a thing in a C8 Corvette, which has precious little ground clearance not to mention absolutely the wrong kind of tires for driving on sand is a mystery.

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People do funny things with their cars and they especially do funny things when their cars get stuck. In this case, one of the first instincts of someone trying to help free the C8 Corvette is to kick the sand, we’re assuming in an attempt to smooth it out.

Right after that a Chrysler Pacifica minivan just cruises on by. That guy has the advantage of more ground clearance, plus he gets that going slow through sand is asking to get stuck. We imagine the C8 owner is pretty embarrassed at that point.

Finally, someone gets the brilliant idea to wrap what looks like a tow strap around one of the wheel spokes on the Corvette. Really, it’s a stupid idea because that’s a great way to break some suspension components. That’s why you should have a tow hook in your car, which C8 owners claim aren’t included. Calling a professional tow company would have been worth the nominal charge, because this amateur way of pulling the sports car out of the sand looks to have done some damage.

Also caught in the same patch of sand at the beach were several other vehicles. Among them was a Ford F-150. You might think it’s embarrassing a truck would get stuck like that, but heavy vehicles aren’t ideal for driving on sand. Also, it’s clearly a two-wheel-drive model, as only the rear wheels are spinning uselessly in the sand instead of all four spinning uselessly.

Check out the video for yourself (warning: language).

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