British Drivers Slapped With Travel Restrictions

Oct 25, 2022 2 min read
British Drivers Slapped With Travel Restrictions

There’s a new sort of lockdown going into place…

A shocking report from Daily Mail claims drivers in Oxford might soon have to apply for permits to drive across the city center. A proposal, which is up for a decision in November, would put this measure into place. If it does, a permit would allow a household to drive a vehicle across the city for 100 days out of the year. There’s an overflowing abundance of freedom on the other side of the pond, that’s for sure.

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There’s already the perfect surveillance mechanism to ensure compliance, ANPR cameras at different strategic locations throughout Oxford. The punishment for non-compliance would be £70, although it’s not clear if that amount stays the same with subsequent violations.

The good news is the restrictions will only be in effect from 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week in four out of six areas with the other two allowing for free movement on Sundays. That means if you want to move about freely at night when most things are closed, the benevolent government will let you.

Per Daily Mail, the county councilor who’s pushing this policy has the best of intentions. It’s supposed to cut down on traffic and make it so public transportation flows more rapidly. Hey, Mussolini got the trains to run on time, or so that’s the claim, so the ends apparently justify the means or something.

If this measure passes, reportedly there will be an 18-month trial period, then the Oxfordshire County Council will decide if the permits will become a permanent policy. Amazingly, not everyone sees how authoritarian such a system would be

Of course, buses, delivery vans, motorcycles, mopeds, and a few other exceptions will be issued. But under the current proposal, everyone else will be subject to approval for a permit, still dealing with restrictions.

Some locals cynically are suggesting this whole plan is a moneymaking scheme. An even more cynical response would be that like in China, a social credit score could be used to restrict personal travel in the city. Such a thing could spread to other parts of the UK and other countries in the West.

Source: Daily Mail

Lead image via Pexels

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