And the guy got it running, if you believe that…

Some people really love a challenge, but Dalton from the YouTube channel Pole Barn Garage went a little extreme in his quest for a really tough project car. The guy got a hot tip on a bullet-ridden 1970 Pontiac GTO that was sitting in a junkyard in western Texas, deciding to place a bid on the thing. When he first checked, the top bid was $7 so he did the reasonably thing, bidding $200 and then forgetting all about it. A few days later he found out he was the proud new owner of the sad classic muscle car.

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People who are more reasonable than Dalton told him there was no way he’d get it running. They probably figured he would be sensible and not pour a bunch of time and other resources into the Pontiac equivalent of Swiss cheese. You see, not only did someone shoot this GTO up, rust has claimed large sections of the body, so it’s in just awful shape.

Undeterred, Dalton set out to prove the naysayers wrong. Now, the guy at least had the sense to not try rehabilitating everything about this Pontiac GTO, which one could do but would likely spend a small fortune on the build. Instead, the man decided to just get it running so he could do Swiss cheese burnouts.

You have to stop and ask yourself this question: with so much of the vehicle missing, what’s the structural integrity of this Pontiac muscle car like? Can it handle be driven hard, doing burnouts, or even driven at all? Yet again, a reasonable person would probably give up and find a different project, but Dalton persisted.

Now he’s condensed all his videos chronicling this project car, what he calls the Worst GTO Ever, so you can watch the process in under an hour. Check it out, because this video is more educational and entertaining than the slop you’ll find on Netflix. The guy uses a cargo strap to keep the doors closed and many other sketchy things, so you’ve got to see it for yourself.

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