Blind Driver Drag Races The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

Sep 29, 2023 1 min read
Blind Driver Drag Races The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

It's not the first time he's made headlines behind the wheel.

Sheldon Wilson, a blind man with an unassailable spirit, has carved his name in the records by drag racing a Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock, clocking 11.517 seconds at 123.18 MPH at Alaska Raceway Park. Sheldon, known as @moparmuscle14 on Instagram, is no stranger to defying his physical limitations and challenging the stereotypes associated with disabilities.

This is the hearse all true Mopar fans want right here.

Last year, Sheldon created a buzz by drag racing his friend's Ram 1500 TRX, recording a commendable time of 12.728 seconds at 107.28 MPH. His relentless pursuit of passion brought him back to the Alaska Raceway Park with a clear objective: to run 11s in his 2022 model year Super Stock, a unique blend of the renowned Hellcat, half Redeye, and half Demon.

Sheldon’s Super Stock is distinct, featuring a mid-muffler delete, front skinnies paired with stock DOT-legal drag radials at the rear, and an LMI air intake. Sheldon harbors aspirations of further modifying his Hellcat-powered muscle car, incorporating headers, a less restrictive exhaust, and a 2.85" pulley for the IHI-supplied blower, with an ambitious goal of breaking into the 9s and eventually hitting 200 MPH on a runway.

Sheldon's journey is reminiscent of Dan Parker, another visually impaired individual who clocked 211 MPH in a Corvette, reflecting the boundless human spirit unconfined by physical constraints.

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