Battle Of The BMWs: The Story Of A V8 That Couldn't Win

Mar 14, 2024 2 min read
Battle Of The BMWs: The Story Of A V8 That Couldn't Win

More power isn’t always faster.

BMW has been one of the biggest brands in the automotive industry since their initial introduction into the world of cars. Particularly when it comes to performance, the manufacturer has been responsible for a myriad of very popular icons which enthusiasts across the nation regard as their dream vehicles even to this day. Custom builders around the globe have really found a home with the company as well which is exactly what made this race so exciting. In a show of exactly what BMW does best, two racing cars with a ton of power turned to the track for a battle unlike any other.

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Under the hood of competitor one is a 5.7-liter LS engine which utilizes the power of a V8 to make 550 horsepower. Sure, that's a lot but the issue is that it's twin-turbocharged and anyone who's ever really worked with that engine platform knows that it should be making a lot more with that setup. Perhaps the builder assumed the lower power would be best as the vehicle is quite light at just 2,700lbs but that would prove itself to be a bad assumption. That's because its competition weighs in at the exact same amount but makes a lot more power.

In total, the BMW 318i, as opposed to the aforementioned 325is, makes 800 horsepower with a 3.2-liter straight six which features one turbo. On the first race it was clear which car and driver was the fastest, that 318 took off like a rocket ship while the V8 was left spinning in the dust. Eventually, the 325 closed the gap a little in round two, but not by enough to win the race and prove that more power doesn't always mean a car will be faster. At the end of the day, the guys did a bonus race where the V8 won as it was racing from a roll as the 318 started from a dig, plus the V8 had the hit.

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