Barn Find Chevy Corvair Rescued

Oct 29, 2022 2 min read
Barn Find Chevy Corvair Rescued

Some might ask why this was done…

YouTube has several channels where talented mechanics track down barn find cars which haven’t moved in a long time, decades even, and get them running on the spot. It’s an entertaining concept since usually people just pull up a wrecker and drag the vehicle onto the back, oftentimes struggling with flat tires and seized axles. One of these channels, Junkyard Digs, has embarked on a truly interesting rescue of a neglected Chevrolet Corvair.

Every time we publishing literally anything about the Corvair there’s controversy. Some readers just absolutely gush about how forward-thinking GM was for designing the cars. They rail against the “unfair” reputation they received at the hands of Ralph Nader and the national media. These types of people seem like they want all the Corvairs saved and cherished forever.

image credit: YouTube

Then there are those who think a good Corvair is one crushed into a cube. For a variety of reasons, other readers believe the Corvair is useless, stupid, or any number of other derogatory things. Their hatred for the little Chevy is truly something to behold.

So out of the gate, we already know people are going to have mixed reactions to this article and the included video. Some will think it’s endearing and endlessly fascinating. Others will wonder why anyone bothered typing these words or creating the video, let alone attempting to fix a Corvair.

For those who don’t have a hatred of Corvairs, this video is interesting to watch, even if you have zero intention of saving one of these cars yourself. To start off, the Junkyard Digs guy admits he knows nothing about Corvairs and how to fix them, so you know this is going to be an adventure of sorts. You won’t be disappointed if you’re expecting some smokey good fun as well as some confusion about where things are on a Corvair, so check out the video to see what happens.

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