B17 World War Two Bomber Barn Find

May 30, 2022 1 min read
B17 World War Two Bomber Barn Find

This WWII bomber spent much of its life in a junkyard.

World War II was an insane time for the American military and economic state in the 1940s. The nation was at a high point of innovation, particularly within the military sector, and was ready to end the worldwide conflict that had plagued Europe for over two years at the time. Japan would later regret getting America involved in the war, especially since it gave the superpower military the chance to show off its shiny new arsenal of atom bombs, Navy equipment, and planes.

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One scarce example has been found of this model, ladies, and gentlemen. Its name is the "Desert Rat" and has been undergoing restoration for the last five years of its life. This incredibly famous WWII bomber plane had previously spent much of its time in a junkyard after the war.

In just ten years, this incredible WWII relic should be completely restored to its original glory as one of America's most instantly recognizable bomber planes ever to hit the sky. Currently, the fuselage seems to be looking pretty good, with most of the main body put together and many metal parts having been restored already. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the four engines which lay scattered in the barn awaiting revitalization, and the wings are in a similar situation. It won't be long before this glorious work in progress is finally finished and resurrected to the glory that it once was.

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