1944 WW2 T-34-85 Tank Comes Back From The Grave

May 30, 2022 1 min read
1944 WW2 T-34-85 Tank Comes Back From The Grave

This old Russian tank finally starts back up after decades of sitting in a barn.

World War II was an extremely innovative time for American artillery and military-grade weaponry production and distribution. This became especially prevalent within the automotive industry as the entire sector was fighting to end one of the worst wars that the Allied forces had ever been involved in. The constant battle of the mid to late 1930s and 1940s to be the most significant technological innovator of the era birthed vehicles such as this tank. Tales of a storied war-riddled past are written all over this tank in the form of aged body marks and dents all over. Let's take a look at this incredible tank from the early 1930s.

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Upon trying to start the massive 38-liter V12 engine, the motor did not want to start up, but it was cranking, so there was hope. A few more tries later, we finally got to hear the beautiful purr of that gigantic powerhouse. This deep growl is music to the ears of all weaponized vehicle enthusiasts around the world, as this 1944 T-34-85 tank is one of the most excellent and most desirable models one could find. The interior is also adorned with ammunition racks, and the original machineguns are still in their turrets.

These accessories make the tank so remarkable as it shows that this incredible war machine was ready for battle. Destroying German outposts and dishing out plenty of patented Russian chaos to the opposition was more than likely a breeze for this incredible monster of mayhem. It's safe to say that this astonishing tank probably carried quite a few soldiers through the fields of war with Code O-2 188 painted onto the side, followed by a red star to show off its history within the Soviet military force.

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