Australian Teen Car Thief Crashes Range Rover, Brags Online

Apr 12, 2022 2 min read
Australian Teen Car Thief Crashes Range Rover, Brags Online

It’s almost like he learned nothing…

A 13-year-old boy allegedly stole a Range Rover in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia before crashing it into a ditch. That stunt landed him in the hospital in critical condition. Since the wreck, which looks horrifically violent, the teen’s condition improved. That’s when he reportedly started bragging on social media about his ill-advised escapades.

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The alleged car thief has been looking up news stories about his crashing the Range Rover, sharing them with friends in one of the weirdest flexes we’ve ever seen. After all, most people don’t like to brag about having horrible driving skills, let alone breaking the law, but this kid seems to think all that gives him bragging rights.

Police are saying the Range Rover was one of two cars stolen from a house located inside a gated community. Sadly, a lot of people who pay extra to live in secured neighborhoods like that don’t take the usual steps to secure their property. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this behavior, although it sounds like the owners at least didn’t just leave the key in the cupholder. Then again, a lot of regular people don’t lock their car when it’s sitting in the garage, like the automatic opener is Fort Knox.

It gets even better: police apparently believe this teenager is a serial car thief. In other words, this is far from his first rodeo. They allege he actively participated in the taking of this Range Rover, forcing entry into the home before swiping the luxury SUV.

The owner of the Range Rover is already bracing for little to nothing to happen to the kid. “I spoke to the police and they said ‘He's thirteen. He'll only get a caution’,” Holly Lines said.

So far, the teenager has been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle, burglary, receiving tainted property, unlicensed driving and careless driving. It’s too bad he can’t be charged for dumb social media activity as well. His first court appearance is set for later in April.

Source: Daily Mail

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