700-HP Blazer Has Corvette Heart

Apr 5, 2024 1 min read
700-HP Blazer Has Corvette Heart

If it will fit, this man will make it work.

The Chevy Blazer was once the ultimate competitor to the Ford bronco. It was great looking, had plenty of power train options, and was pretty much perfect for off roading. One thing that really did make it stand out compared to some of its composition is the four-wheel-drive capabilities, something most people had in mind when they made their initial purchase of a Chevy Blazer. However, this particular enthusiast was able to see potential and an unlikely source, a two-wheel-drive Blazer.

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When he was looking for one of these trucks, he had a realization. Essentially, just as the 2 Wheel drive model of the Chevrolet C 10 pick up truck was called the Seaton and the four-wheel-drive option was called the Keaton, the 2 Wheel Dr. Blazer was called the C-5. So, he did what any normal human being would do, took an entire C-5 Corvette and retrofitted it to fit into the Blazer.

Nowadays, all of the suspension, transmission, and braking system are all out of a C-5 Corvette. Well, all except for the engine which is an LS7, still a Corvette Corvette engine, but one out of a different model than he initially used. Overall, this combination is apparently good for about 700 hp which is absolutely stunning and is more than enough to make this 3640 pound vehicle really move.

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