Ford Unveils 60th Anniversary Mustang Edition, Limited to 1965 Units

Apr 18, 2024 2 min read
Ford Unveils 60th Anniversary Mustang Edition, Limited to 1965 Units

Ford announces a special 60th Anniversary Mustang edition, honoring the iconic 1965 Mustang with exclusive designs and limited production.

In celebration of six decades since the iconic Mustang's introduction, Ford has announced the release of a special 60th Anniversary edition, limited to just 1965 units—a nod to the Mustang's debut year. This limited edition will be available for GT Premium coupes and convertibles, each adorned with unique features that pay homage to the Mustang's storied past.

Ford plans to open orders for the 60th Anniversary package this summer, with production slated to begin later this year. Pricing details remain under wraps, but the automaker has revealed that these special Mustangs will be available in patriotic red, white, or blue, complemented by gray, red, and silver exterior trim. A standout feature is the 20-inch dark gravity gray five-spoke wheels, which include a red, stamped aluminum center cap reminiscent of the 1965 model's design.

The exterior also boasts historically inspired cloisonné badges on the fenders and trunk. Cloisonné, an ancient technique involving colored glass paste fired in a kiln, adds a vintage touch reflective of the car's rich heritage. Buyers can choose between silver or red side graphics, further customizing their ride.

Interior enhancements include a serialized instrument panel badge, ensuring each owner feels the exclusivity of their purchase. Additionally, the 60th Anniversary Mustang will feature smoked Nite Pony headlights and a new mesh grille design, callbacks to the original 1964 Mustang—a model that has caused some historical confusion but is celebrated nonetheless.

This release not only commemorates the past but also offers a modern take on the Mustang legacy, blending classic aesthetics with contemporary technology and design. As Mustang enthusiasts and collectors anticipate the release, the 60th Anniversary edition promises to be a significant addition to the lineage of one of America's most beloved sports cars. With its limited availability and unique features, the 2025 Mustang is poised to be a highly sought-after collector's item and a celebratory marker of 60 years of automotive innovation.

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