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Build The Batmobile From '89 Tim Burton Movie With Lego Set

By Amie Williams Nov 07, 2019
By Amie Williams Nov 07, 2019
This Lego set recreates the classic Batmobile with 3,609 pieces.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, there may not be a cooler gift than this Lego set that is a recreation of the Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. Lego is known to release kits right before the holiday season, and this Batmobile set comes out on Black Friday, November 29th.

Build The Batmobile From '89 Tim Burton Movie With Lego Set
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Meant to showcase the classic Batmobile in great detail, this Lego kit comes with 3,306 pieces. This isn't your averageĀ child Lego set, this one features a wraparound windshield and a cockpit that slides open. Even more, it even features a pair of hidden machine guns that pop out of the body when spinning the turbine exhaust, and the grappling hooks that come in the set are purely "decorative" as stated by Lego. This Lego set even comes with an information plate that lists the Batmobile's statistics.

The Lego set also comes complete with Batman, Joker, and Vicki Vale figures, and it even comes with a rotating stand.Ā When the rotating display is completed out of Legos, it reads "I have not grown up."Ā 

Batman comes with a Batarang, and the Joker is given a gun. Vicki Vale's figure is given a camera. This particular set that Lego calls a "model car kit for adults" is priced at $249.99.Ā Batman and comic book fanatic in the family. The Batmobile measures four inches high, 23 inches long, and sits a full eight inches wide.Ā 

If interested in the kit for the Lego and Batman lover in your family, the kit can be ordered online at or in stores that carry Lego products. Although, one lucky person just scored one in Denmark while visiting a store in an airport. The rest of the world will likely have to wait until November 29th when the set goes on sale for Black Friday.

Source: Car And Driver

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