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Lego Commercial Uses Classic Cars To 'Rebuild The World'

By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 19, 2019
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By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 19, 2019
An epic live-action chase scene from the world of Legos.

The majority of car lovers undoubtedly spent countless hours playing with Legos and daydreaming about classic cars, and some probably still do to this day. If that was you, then you'll love this commercial titled "Rebuild The World" that features plenty of classic cars and a car/aerial chase scene injected with Lego humor and imagination.


It's a fun video to watch, and there's some really good classic car spotting to be done. The best part is the antagonist hunter on a Harley chasing down our hero bunny who is driving a Caterham Seven, and some other cool classics include a Land Rover Series II and a 1954 Chevy Bel Air Convertible. The ad also shows a quick glimpse of a quintet of BMW Isettas, a cool-looking Peuogot 404 sedan and a drab-green Lambretta scooter wearing a set of knobby Lego-esque tires. And that doesn't even include more recurring Volkswagens then the Bullitt chase scene!

The commercial definitely plays to the car-loving kids and adults who were raised on Legos, and it even ties in to actual Lego sets that are currently available. The Mini Cooper, VW Bus and VW Beetle (as well as the Caterham Seven) are all available as part of the Lego Creator series, and the Bus and Mini are even color-coordinated so the commercial matches the real-life set. Even the fire truck looks close to the classic fire truck Lego set.

Overall, it's a fun commercial that celebrates the ingenuity and imagination that Lego inspires such as the hover-converted Caterham, helicopter boat, single-hinged people and plenty of other minor details that Lego users will recognize. Of course, the leg-switching at the end is always the best part of playing with Lego minifigs.

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