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Watch The CCCA 1957 Cape May Tour

By Steven Symes Sep 06, 2019
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By Steven Symes Sep 06, 2019
So many classic cars in a vintage video.

It’s key for enthusiasts and collectors to remember that classic cars have been popular for some time. Proving that point is this Classic Car Club of America video showing the 1957 Cape May Tour. Amazingly, the video isn’t in black and white, but instead shows in color the various cars as they cruise onto the peninsula.


This video features many classic cars tooling around and parked in various locations, some of them with a sea of vehicles in the background. You get a few hints of the beach, plus various parking lots, including one where a steam engine sits on a length of track. That’s actually an interesting combination of classic vehicles you might not see at most car meetups.

Most interesting, you’ll note how everyone is dressed in these videos. It’s similar to the level of attire you see at concours events. People took this gathering in Cape May seriously and wanted to look their best, creating quite the atmosphere that unfortunately isn’t always present at cruises and other gatherings.

CCCA participants and their families did more than just drive around in their cars. They stayed in local motels and took a dip in the pool, enjoying the fantastic weather. Others took to the beach and waded into the crashing waves. It was also an opportunity to check out the boat docks and admire some watercraft.

Cap May is situated at the tip of the Cap May Peninsula in New Jersey. It’s actually the perfect place to hold a classic car gathering of any kind, thanks to the picturesque backdrop of beaches and large Victorian homes. It’s already a popular place for locals to get away for a nice weekend, which probably explains why this gathering looked quite large. After all, when you can mix a relaxing atmosphere with amazing cars, that’s a winning combination anyone can get behind.

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