New John DeLorean Movie To Come Out This August: Movie Trailer

By Michelle Marus Jul 09, 2019
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By Michelle Marus Jul 09, 2019
To tell the tale about the man behind the automotive icon.

Ready or not, there’s (another) new John DeLorean film coming out this year called Driven. Just last month, we saw the new release of Framing John DeLorean, which starred Alex Baldwin in the leading role of the biopic. That movie focused on his extraordinary life and career, as well as his obsessive quest to build the new American sports car. While that film interwove archival footage with dramatic vignettes, this new movie will tell the story of how John DeLorean’s career came to an end during a drug sting orchestrated by the FBI through his own neighbor.

Driven casts Jason Sudeikis as FBI informant Jim Hoffman and Lee Pace as John DeLorean. The movie delves deep into the story as automotive engineer John DeLorean leaves his successful career as a General Motors executive to create his own company in 1975. The DeLorean Motor Company would go on to famously produce just one car before it goes bankrupt not even a decade later. While John’s company endures a tough struggle to survive above water, he finds himself in the midst of a personal legal battle. Thanks to his former neighbor and FBI informant Hoffman, though, he gets caught and charged with cocaine trafficking in 1982. Driven also stars Judy Greer as Hoffman's wife Ellen, who tries to keep her husband from double-crossing his new friend. 


The trailer (above) for Driven was just posted online a few days ago and it’s the first we are seeing into this new film. The DeLorean has found itself in pop culture quite a bit, dating all the way back to its time-machine debut in the Back to the Future series. This new movie aims to give us a better look into the actual story behind John DeLorean throughout the rise and fall. Although the trailer doesn't show it, the IMDB casting list gives us reason to believe there will also be some insight into the courtroom drama that occurred. Driven is scheduled to come out in theaters and OnDemand on August 16, 2019. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Over the course of three model years, only about 9,000 DeLoreans were produced before production halted in early 1983. In 2007, about 6,500 DeLorean cars were believed to still exist. Even to this day, the DeLorean car is a pricey collector’s item that can run you about $50,000, depending on the quality. No matter what someone’s opinion about the gull-wing sports car is, one thing is for sure: it’s a cool car with a very interesting story behind it.

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