Someone Can Bring This 1965 Backdraft Cobra Motorsports Edition The Rest Of The Way

By Steven Symes Jun 13, 2019
By Steven Symes Jun 13, 2019
While it’s a rolling chassis at the moment, you can load in whatever kind of power you wish.

Blank canvases can be fun to work with since you get to inject your own style and flair into them. If you’ve done body and interior work on cars, you know they can be deceptively difficult. This project 1965 Backdraft Cobra Motorsports Edition replica looks like a million bucks, and the only thing it needs is a drivetrain. You can own this impeccable replica Cobra by contacting Central Classic Cars.

Everyone loves the look of the original AC Cobra. Those smooth, flowing lines from nose to tail are absolutely crowd pleasers. This replica captures all that magic perfectly, while maintaining such tight and even panel gaps, even most modern cars pale in comparison. With a silky cool gray paint job that absolutely glistens, plus complimentary black accents at strategic places, this roadster looks tough without appearing to really even try.

This replica absolutely nails several details many others get wrong. For example, the single rollover hoop is in the correct position behind the driver’s seat. Beefy side exhaust headers protrude out, while the front fender vents are large but not too large. There are even badges above the fender vents, reading “Powered by Ford.”

The interior features comfortable black leather seats. You enjoy modern controls and gauges, but don’t have to deal with the hassle of a touchscreen or any of that nonsense. That means more time connecting with the car, which puts you more in tune with the road, just as driving really should be.

Imagine what kind of behemoth engine you could drop in this roadster. You get to choose exactly what kind of setup you want, then burn the rubber that’s already installed and ready to go. This is the perfect project car for someone who has a dream engine picked out and was just looking for the right car to put it in.

Backdraft Racing Inc. has been making a name for itself by producing these rolling chassis replicas as well as custom roadsters. Each one is professionally assembled so you get excellent quality throughout.

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