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Why You Should Visit The Classic Car Club of America Museum

By Tyler Heatley May 22, 2019
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By Tyler Heatley May 22, 2019
Hosted in a 1980 barn, this vintage museum is full of history and charm

If you’re a real classic car enthusiast, you might already know about the Classic Car Club of America Museum in Michigan, USA. It houses some extraordinary cars of the past, including a vast array of automotive memorabilia. The barn building setting gives this museum a rustic charm almost as endearing as the machines it houses.

The entire classic era, seen as 1915 - 1948, is represented by the Classic Car Club of America. These highly influential machines of their time went on to become true icons and can be viewed by visitors wanting to soak up some automotive history.

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Some of the star cars on display include a 1926 Wills Sainte Claire Phaeton, 1928 Stuz Chantilly, 1930 Packard 740 Roadster, and a 1939 Delahaye Type 135M Cabriolet, to name but a few. Each vehicle is immaculate and befitting of the impressive company it keeps in the museum. The Classic Car Club of America Museum website provides a detailed video of each car on display.

The museum also possesses what is believed to be the world’s largest collection of hood ornaments. These mascots range from the traditional, right through to some intricate custom pieces. You’ll also discover Classic Car Club of America Museum’s extensive archive of coachbuilder documentation that can help trace the provenance of a particular vehicle.

Paperwork from Derham and Judkins, the Cole Motor Car Company, and Ray Dietrich are preserved here. Additionally, there’s also a library of period automobile books and magazines. As if that wasn’t enough vintage material, there’s also over 750 back issues of the CCCA national magazine.


The museum was founded by Classic Car Club President Richard Gold, who wanted somewhere to discover and display special vehicles along with their related paraphernalia. A vintage 1890s barn was procured and moved to its new Gilmore grounds for reconstruction. By 1987 the barn was full of noteworthy automobiles ready for its opening.

Today the barn has been expanded to fit even more exhibits, and the Gilmore campus has evolved into a thriving classic car community. Its three miles of paved roads often hosts historic vehicles being exercised when the weather allows.

Classic Car Club of America Museum
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Becoming a member of the museum grants you access to exclusive events, and a subscription to The Industry Standard, the Museum’s newsletter. Membership fees all go towards enhancing the museum further.

If you’re in Michigan, why not visit this impressive slice of automotive history?

Source: Classic Car Club of America Museum

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