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Restoring The Original Bigfoot Monster Truck

By Tyler Heatley May 21, 2019
By Tyler Heatley May 21, 2019
Bigfoot was the world's first monster truck, and actually started life as a regular pickup.

Restoring a historically significant vehicle is something of a public service, as your efforts help preserve a tangible piece of history for future generations. The greatest of care is required on such projects, something that PowerNation knows all too well after restoring arguably the world’s most famous truck. Bigfoot was the first of the monster truck breed, and in this series of videos, its original engine is reinstalled.

As hard as it might be to believe, the legendary Bigfoot monster truck started life as a regular Ford pickup bought by Bob Chandler. It was used like any other truck for towing, and even camping. Bob loved to modify his truck with bigger wheels being fitted even before he got home from the dealership.

From there, larger axels and more rugged suspension started the chain reaction that lead to the beginning of the Bigfoot legacy, and its signature car crushing. This really was the truck that started it all!

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Bob’s business partner and driver Jim Kramer talked through the mighty Bigfoot 1 engine before its restoration began. He said: “It was actually designed for a boat. I had never seen an engine like this! All aluminum block, aluminum heads, look at the manifold!’

Ford expert Norm Grimes first assembled the engine, with this 1985 motor the product of Goleta Speed and Marine. Bob added that there might have been times when they thought about selling the engine when cash was tight, but its true home is on the original truck.


If you’re into mechanics, you’ll love these videos as they go into great detail. Some unique components found on the Bigfoot motor include Predator carburetors, BSD supercharger, MSD magneto, and an external oil pump.

The deconstruction is carried out carefully by the team, with each component logged. Inspection of the supercharger revealed some damage, and so it was actually sent back to BSD for a total overhaul.

The engine itself is in pretty good condition, but some specialists were needed to help source a couple of replacement parts. Stubborn bolts are a given in a motor that hasn’t been opened in so long, but a few tricks later, and everything comes apart freely. After honing the motor, it was then reinstalled into the big truck.


The series continues on the History channel on Sunday, with each episode finding its way onto the PowerNation YouTube channel thereafter. We can’t wait to see Bigfoot run with its original motor once again!

Source: YouTube

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