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Escape Modern Life With This Über-Cool 1932 Packard 903

By Calum Brown May 13, 2019
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By Calum Brown May 13, 2019
Sick of having to obey the expectations of modern automotive taste? Break the unspoken rules with this 1932 Packard V8.

Should you seek automotive admiration from your peers, modern day supercars will only take you so far. Sure, such a vehicle screams about how much money you earn to passers-by, but most people won’t take you seriously. They may even assume something about your abilities in the bedroom.

Going for a vintage cruiser, on the other hand, will command respect across the board – for it proves you’ve got style, taste, and refuse to conform with mainstream society’s expectations. Take this 1932 Packard 903 Victoria Super Eight, for example. Anybody with the urge for art deco motoring doesn’t care what you think about their life choices. And that makes them über-cool.

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Modern life leaves most people fearing the wrath of strangers. If you don’t fall into line and utilize new technology, the world can begin to suffocate all free spirit. You feel unable to step out with the stressful parameters of contemporary society; unless you have something like the Classic Car Club of America’s convertible Packard to hand.

1932 Packard V8
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Experiencing something where you aren’t left to the mercy of stop/start technology, Bluetooth, or the constant nervous scrutinizing of an in-built sat nav, leaves you feeling more alive. More awake. More susceptible to gaining life experience, and having a blast while doing so.

Carving through the city traffic, or tanking along the freeway, a vintage automobile radiates enough petrol-soaked adrenaline to revitalize the soul. It’s hard not to smile when tackling a tricky corner or navigating a series of junctions. Without the assistance of ABS, traction control, or radar-guided cruise control, arrival at each destination leaves you awash with achievement.  

1932 Packard V8
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With this 1932 Packard, each journey becomes an adventure. The noise of that rebuilt 348ci V8 churning into life sends a shiver of anticipation down the driver’s spine. Each gear change becomes an occasion, upon where the car’s transmission whine intensifies all manner of pace.

The sense of speed even at 30km/h becomes intoxicating; massaging all urge to keep up with Mr. Gym in his Audi A3. Time constraints fall away, leaving the mind free to relish a true driving experience - heightening the senses and allowing the spirit to roam free. 

Then there’s the Packard’s aesthetics, bending sophistication with an elegant sporting appeal. Wearing a dark blue exterior, mated to a blue leather interior, the level of pre-war decadence spirals off the scale. Everything feels expensive to the touch, boasting of quality levels no modern car can match.

1932 Packard V8
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This example was restored sometime in the 1980s, earning three national firsts after the renovation work was completed. Less than 3000 miles have been put on the car since then, but don’t believe that the engine is seized or uncared for. No service interval has been missed.

The Packard hasn’t been stored away under cardboard boxes and oily rags, either. Featured on the cover of the July 2016 CCCA bulletin, the classic car aficionados of America’s show scene have crossed paths with this vehicle on a regular basis.

So, fancy escaping modern life and revitalizing the soul? Check out this 1932 Packard here. You won’t regret it.


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