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Is This The Biggest W20 MR2 Collection In North America?

By Max Holder Mar 15, 2019
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By Max Holder Mar 15, 2019
YouTuber Roads Untraveled visits an MR2 enthusiast who owns 14 Toyota MR2s with some particularly rare examples

We can all happily admit that we like cars. Some of us like particular brands more than others, and some even have a particular model that sparks the emotion and dilates the pupils. Not many of us, however, love a specific model of car to the extent that we buy as many as we can.

Meet Bob - Bob likes MR2’s so much he has started what can only be described as a rehabilitation center for MR2’s looking for love. Despite only starting his journey to MR2 Mecca four years ago, Bob is now the proud owner of 14 MR2’s of various vintages. That is quite the passion.

Road Untraveled
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Although some may consider this to be a problem that leans towards hoarding, they would be wrong. The owner has a significant portion of these cars for himself, but he also wants other to enjoy them. Think of it as a MR2 community project; Bob undertakes the restoration of the cars himself which takes approximately a year per car. If the right buyer then comes along, he helps them enjoy a brand and model that keeps him saving these awesome little sports cars.


Most of the Bob’s collection is built around the second generation model, built between 1989 and 1999. Known as the W20, these were absolutely rapid when equipped with the 3S-GTE Turbo engine. Developing 218-horsepower, they also had a lot of tuning potential like most Japanese cars from the nineties. It’s well known that some engines can be built to develop in excess of 800-hp. A number most of us didn’t realise existed.

Road Untraveled
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Although a number of the Bob’s cars are tastefully modified, he does keep several completely stock examples, which are becoming less abundant than needles in haystacks. One particular red W20 was actually the feature car on an episode of Jay Leno’s garage.

In a future episode of the YouTube video hosted by Roads Untraveled, Marcus will be taking out one of Bob’s stunning MR2’s to really get to grips with some of the more modified examples in the collection, one of which is called the White Walker. Crikey. If, on the other hand you're now after your own, check out the Motorious classifieds.

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