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This Is The Ultimate Ferrari Mancave

By Calum Brown Feb 11, 2019
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By Calum Brown Feb 11, 2019
YouTuber Schmee150 pays a visit to the ultimate Ferrari Mancave – a private collection in Dubai – to yearn after rare vehicles and memorabilia

The United Arab Emirates remains well regarded for its buoyant nightlife and luxury shopping, yet it can now lay claim to something far more exciting. Dubai may be home to the greatest architecture of the modern age – including the world’s tallest chocolate sculpture – but tucked away out of public view is the ultimate Ferrari Mancave.

Located in a discreet section of the city, rests a privately owned collection of no less than 40 Ferraris - including Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 racer and some of the rarest models ever produced. Not to mention a life-sized Horse prop sporting V12 exhausts, as you do.

The lucky gent to purview such a collection is none other than YouTube’s Shmee150, and you can watch his commentary on the likes of the LaFerrari, SA Aperta and Koenig 512 BB below: '

Other cars in the Ferrari Mancave include a 550 Barchetta, 512M, 599 GTO, F355 Fiorano Edition, 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia 16M and a tailor-made California T.

However, it’s the memorabilia that has us floored. From a signed Michael Schumacher helmet to a prancing horse crafted from ‘gears and parts’, all of the artefacts were commissioned by Ferrari themselves for various global events. Including a sound system for an iPod designed within an exhaust manifold.

Then there’s lashings of dioramas, Amalgam models and all manner of steering wheels, tires and exhaust tips. There’s even the front end of another F1 racer on the wall, alongside various prints of iconic Ferrari motorsport moments. Even a Ferrari endorsed, Pininfarina-styled coffee machine – because that's exactly what the world needs.

The most impressive artefact by far is the Ferrari chandelier, designed to showcase the prancing horse with a special get up that simply has to be seen to be believed.

As Schmee repeatedly quips throughout the walk through, this is ‘Ferrari Heaven’. He signs off the video with ‘Mind blown. Astonishing.’ We can’t help but agree.

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