New Leads Into $3 Million Car Theft Ring Result In 6 Arrests

Dec 8, 2022 1 min read
New Leads Into $3 Million Car Theft Ring Result In 6 Arrests

Putting a stop to car thieves is on the minds of NJ police.

You might’ve heard about a little $3 million luxury automobile crime spree that happened in New Jersey recently. Yeah, don’t worry if you’re not familiar with it because it’s a pretty complicated case overall. One of the things that makes it so complicated, just like pretty much anything when it comes to organized crime, is how many people were involved. Recently, there have been six people identified as potential suspects and now police are starting to get close to cracking the code. So who are these people?

First of all, it’s important to understand that none of these people have really been convicted of anything so this is all speculatory for now. However, there might be good reason to suspect these six individuals. Giovanni Hernandez, Carlos Sanchez, James Lanier, Solomon Mickens, Sadiq Griggs, Destiny Montalvo, have all been arrested and accused of working for the same crime syndicate. Of those names, there is one that sticks out as a particularly interesting person of interest.

That name is Carlos Sanchez, the suspected leader of the group. Giovanni Hernandez what is linked to the theft of a BMW X8 along with three Land Rover‘s. Then you have Destiny Montalvo who is arrested under charges of disposing of evidence. Overall this was a very well put together unit of thieves that knew exactly what they were doing. Supposing that these six people are guilty, it might bell the end of a crime spree that has accrued more than $3 million worth of damages but if not then the cops are gonna have to keep looking.

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