Finnegan's Power Surge: Crafting a 3,000 Horsepower LS Engine

Jan 24, 2024 2 min read
Finnegan's Power Surge: Crafting a 3,000 Horsepower LS Engine

It's going into a mystery build.

In a garage where horsepower dreams turn into roaring realities, Mike Finnegan is embarking on a groundbreaking journey, transforming an ordinary LS engine into an extraordinary powerhouse. The goal? An astounding 3,000 horsepower, all encapsulated in a finely crafted billet aluminum housing. This project isn't just an engine build; it's a testament to extreme engineering and automotive passion.

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Finnegan, a name synonymous with audacious automotive endeavors, has teamed up with the proficient team at Ace Race Engines, renowned for their prowess in pushing boundaries. The collaboration promises not just an engine, but a mechanical marvel set to redefine power standards. The build process is intricate, a meticulous labor of love and precision, starting from the very foundation – measuring oil clearances of each crankshaft main bearing. It's a process that's as much about engineering precision as it is about the sheer thrill of creation.

Captured in the 281st episode of Mike Finnegan’s Garage, the journey of this engine build unfolds against the backdrop of Finnegan's other filming commitments. Juggling the intense Roadkill filming schedule in Gardena, California, and the meticulous engine build in Torrance, California, Finnegan showcases his unwavering dedication to automotive excellence.

This isn't just an engine; it's the heart of an upcoming project car shrouded in mystery. What will this mechanical beast power? Only time will reveal. But one thing is certain – when Finnegan is at the helm, and Ace Race Engines are in the pit, the result is bound to be spectacular.

For enthusiasts and aspiring builders, this episode is more than a peek into a high-horsepower build; it's an educational journey, a masterclass in engine construction. As viewers watch Finnegan fondle engine parts and delve into the intricacies of bearing measurements, they're not just spectators; they're students in the grand classroom of automotive artistry.

Stay tuned, for this 3,000 horsepower LS engine is just the beginning. With Finnegan's flair for the extraordinary and Ace Race Engines' technical mastery, the automotive world is set to witness a project car that's as enigmatic as it is powerful. The road ahead is charged with anticipation, every turn promising a surge of adrenaline. Welcome to Finnegan's latest saga, where engines aren't just built; they're engineered to thrill.

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