Pure Vision’s $250K GTO Is A True Sight To Behold

Sep 11, 2022 2 min read
Pure Vision’s $250K GTO Is A True Sight To Behold

This Pontiac muscle car is pure magic!

Steve Strope, founder of Pure Vision, is a multiple-time recipient of the Ford award for design, has won the GM award of design, and is the host of the Velocity show Hand Built Hot Rods. Needless to say, Steve and his automotive modification company Pure Vision have made a name for themselves as one of the best when it comes to building awesome cars. Pure Vision spends thousands of dollars and sometimes close to tens of thousands of hours to create projects that can range up to millions of dollars. This 1971 Pontiac GTO is no exception to this formula of hard work.

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Steve’s friend Carl spotted this beauty sitting in a field, at first sight, he knew that it would be a good project for the shop. So they brought this 1971 GTO convertible in and began restoration. The Vision for the car was “Something I could go on a date in”, it was built to be a driver's car and it delivers on that. Sporting an LS8 mated to a 485LE automatic transmission being controlled by GM computers, this car makes considerable strides when it comes to performance. The gas tank had to be modified because of the custom long-travel chassis made by Schwartz, this allows the close to 50-year-old car to drive like brand-new.

The beautiful leather and black interior were meticulously crafted, this team effort produced a car that has the horsepower of a muscle car but also the handling, ride, and overall aesthetic of a personal luxury vehicle. Due to the nature of this car, the build was mainly focused on being a beautiful, fun to drive, the luxury muscle car that focuses less on crazy horsepower and more on drivability. Weighing in at around 3800 lbs, the car may be a bit heavier than some other cars, but it floats like a feather.

When you look at the car one could assume that the lines have been sharpened, however, the body has been left largely stock. The build took around 2 years which is the standard build time for Pure Vision automobiles. While some of Steve’s other vehicles may get into the millions, this GTO sits at around $250,000. Just the wheels alone make up a significant portion of that cost, being HRE’s their cost is somewhere in the $10-15K range. Pure Vision has created one of the most interesting cars to surface in recent years, in a world over-saturated by thousand horsepower demons, it's nice to see a clean driver's car.

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