1986 Ferrari 328 GTS Shakes Off Years Of Debris

Apr 5, 2022 2 min read
1986 Ferrari 328 GTS Shakes Off Years Of Debris

This long forgotten Ferrari just got its first bath in god knows how long.

We've all seen what happens when you take a car that hasn't seen sunlight for a few decades and throw some hot water and soap at it. A simple wash can be the difference of a few thousand dollars for some sellers and, for us enthusiasts who just want to keep our cars looking good, Its value is limitless. This applies especially to vehicles that retain " classic " status or are particularly desirable within the community. It's hard to think of a car more highly sought after than a Ferrari, which is why this video was so interesting. This is one of the most drastic changes we've seen, as the sheer beauty of this car has still held true despite the thick coating of dirt and animal excrement.

After spraying the old beast down with some soap and water, the paint was shining slightly, but there was obviously a ton of work. Immediately, the team began testing shines and buffing methods to find the right one until something worked. Finally, it was time to start eating away at the decades of exterior aging, which eventually yielded a fantastic result. The Rosso Corsa paint somehow survived for the most part over the years, which indicates that the car wasn't driven often. Once the outside was finished up, the detailer set to work getting the interior cleaned and tidy, which you may think would be an easier task because of the closed doors.

You would be about half right in that assumption, as the interior was less terrifying but still quite dirty. A few hours of scrubbing every piece of leather and carpet cleaned the inside right up, making for a luxurious sports car interior. The scary part of this car is under the hood, which was seized shut by an unknown obstruction blocking the opening mechanism. Eventually, the engine was revealed, covered entirely in dust from decades of decay. When all was said and done, this car was able to show off its beauty just as it once did in 1986 when this Ferrari 328 GTS was made.

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