1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Is Luxury And Muscle

Apr 5, 2022 3 min read
1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Is Luxury And Muscle

Now you can have the best of ‘60s performance, comfort, and design!

Pontiac has a pretty big following within the automotive community for their ability to combine big V8 engines in nearly anything you could dream of. Who could forget models like the GTO, regarded as the world's first popularized muscle car? Or perhaps you'd instead focus on the pony car competitor, the Pontiac Firebird. Vehicles like the Firebird were legendary for their time because they sought to further the goal of the GTO by combining a big engine with a small frame. However, we're here to talk about a far more luxurious option for the muscle car enthusiast with a taste for speed and comfort. This is a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix, and it could be yours pretty soon. Here's why it should be.

First of all, the exterior styling of this aged beast is unbeatable as it combines the best of GM design for the era with some futuristic features that spice things up a bit. These features include the taillights and hide-away headlights, both incredibly unique designs for their day. The most noticeable thing about the car has got to be the front bumper which resembles that of the GTO quite well and gives the drag strip monster a bit of an aggressive edge to it.

Under the hood of this massive cruiser is a V8 engine, one of Pontiac's most popular powerhouses. This piston-turner utilizes 400 cubic inches of displacement to put out a potent 350 horsepower, which was ridiculous for the time it was made. The fact is that this car was compelling for its era, as even the most potent vehicle of the time was right around that figure. Speed, luxury, and style were finally available in one particular automobile, which was revolutionary. Now you can own a piece of automotive history with all of the prestige of a classic which still retains its unique style and passion for performance.

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