1971 Ford Falcon Stolen By Forklift Riding Crew

Nov 14, 2022 2 min read
1971 Ford Falcon Stolen By Forklift Riding Crew

These crimes keep getting more complicated every time…

Tradesmen oftentimes work with some really expensive equipment, especially if you’re talking about landscapers. Lawnmowers, pumps, trimmers, you name it and you could probably fetch a hefty price if you were to steal it and resell. That must’ve been the thought process behind this particular crime as The culprits managed to steal a riding lawnmower along with some other landscaping equipment but also stumbled upon something else of much greater value. So how did they manage to pull off a crime that sounds absolutely ridiculous when you say it out loud?

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Well it actually seemed pretty simple, at least when you look at it from An outside perspective. Essentially, the team got a hold of a trailer, truck, and a forklift to load all the stuff in together. Once on site, they use the forklift to Load a riding lawnmower, the prices of which vary between $1500 and $3000 USD depending on the quality of the mower, into the back of the trailer. On top of the mower, they also took a myriad of different tools, likely to add them on their quest for what was to come.

Next, they broke through some gates and cut a few bolts here and there to access the garage of the building. There sat a beautiful 1971 blue Ford Falcon XY. This is, needless to say, a pretty rare car especially in Melbourne Australia which is where all of these events took place. In total, this car would have been worth around $300,000, in Australian currency, Making it quite a profitable heist for all thieves involved. Overall, The crime presented was a bit of a convoluted plot but shouldn’t be too difficult of a case to crack considering all the different factors involved. The first place police might want to start looking would be where they got the forklift from and move on from there.

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