1970 Plymouth Barracuda 340 Convertible Gets A Facelift

Jan 24, 2022 1 min read
1970 Plymouth Barracuda 340 Convertible Gets A Facelift

After decades of decaying, this neglected 1970 Barracuda is finally ready to hit the road once more.

The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda was one of the most potent and iconic cars of the first muscle car revolution because of the expansive engine options and incredible '70s styling. This set the stage for the Barracuda to take the title of the nation's favorite muscle car and led to a massive takeover of the classic collectors market by Plymouth and its other performance models. Without a doubt, this has made the Barracuda a top-rated vehicle, but there is a big problem with these iconic cars. To put it simply, they're 52-year-old cars with steel bodies and old engineering. That means it is complicated to find a good-condition car for cheap.

To combat this ever-oppressing issue, one enthusiast decided to revitalize a car whose body had been without a drivetrain for decades. Like the true Dr. Frankenstein that this builder is, he began searching for scrapped parts while refurbishing the old body and chassis to fit the beautiful powerhouse. After months of recrafting the original body lines to show their stunning design, the car was finally ready to be reunited with the gift of horsepower. So, what classic powerhouse did the owner see fit into this piece of automotive art?

You guessed it, and this is packing a beefy 340 ci V8 engine which was a ubiquitous choice for these cars when they were brand new. This build kept the stock car in mind because it eventually evolved into a complete restoration with the sole focus on maintaining everything factory correct. Other excellent features built into this car include a TKO five-speed transmission, power steering, and power disc brakes. The best part of this car is that it's a factory convertible, making the vehicle pretty rare in the grand scheme of things. This is a fantastic car with a great history and a ton of work put into this insane build.

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