Learn How The 1970 Imperial Trashes The Lincoln Continental

May 3, 2021 2 min read
Learn How The 1970 Imperial Trashes The Lincoln Continental

The following dealer film is completely not biased in any way.

Back in the 1960s the Lincoln Continental was the kind of luxury car someone who had arrived would drive. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting as a muscle car, but as you’re about to learn in the film below it definitely appeals to 43 year-old men named Jeffrey who have a harem of younger women trailing behind. Rather than just lauding the Lincoln, this film compares it against the obviously superior 1970 Imperial.

Learn How The 1970 Imperial Trashes The Lincoln Continental

Right off we learn the 1970 Lincoln Continental just doesn’t have “it.” Call it pizzazz, funk, pop, or something else from the era. That’s why Jeffrey and his girlfriends look so down standing around one.

On the other hand, the 1970 Imperial has a look that exudes power, luxury, and distinction. At least we learn this from the film, which obviously only tells the truth and wasn’t made with any agenda in mind. Among the reasons why it’s that way is the lack of B-pillars, massive grille, loop bumpers.

In comparison, the Lincoln Continental’s nose sticks out, and that’s not good. As Jeffrey notes in the educational film, that nose will surely get smashed at the club parking lot. That might have something to do with Jeffrey getting smashed beforehand, but we certainly don’t endorse such behavior at all.

Learn How The 1970 Imperial Trashes The Lincoln Continental

There are some other excellent points referred to in this video, like how anyone can open the Continental’s hood and steal the battery. The theft of batteries in 1970 was problematic, like how the theft of catalytic converters are today. For the ’70 Imperial the hood release is in the cabin, so you have the break the window or pick the lock first.

One of the hallmark features of the 1970 Imperial are the “gloveboxes” in each of the four doors. A flip-down lid hides the contents and it’s actually a pretty cool feature you have to wonder why it isn’t on every modern car.

Lest anyone be confused, the above video is a Chrysler dealer promo film. It’s incredibly biased and completely hilarious. If you need something to make you laugh and you haven’t watched it yet, it’s just short of 11 minutes and completely worth it.

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