1968 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon Pulled From A Field

Aug 19, 2022 1 min read
1968 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon Pulled From A Field

This incredibly unique classic car may yet see the road once again.

Originally browsing FaceBook marketplace for tractors and other classic vehicles, this man found something he liked in the background of an unexpected photo. This vehicle, later identified as a Chevelle Wagon/ Nomad, once pursued the streets as a daily driver. Getting groceries and hauling the family around was no challenge for the old road-going classic. However, as time went on the vehicle deteriorated leaving its body covered in rust and dents from decades of driving. Some of the more noticeable imperfections include the “whiskey dent” pointed out by the buyer and some other damage marks scattered throughout the body.

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To say that this vehicle was ridden hard would be a drastic understatement as even the chassis was in rough shape. Of course, every true car guy has their extravagant, or rather bad with money, side because of the emotional nature of buying an automobile. For this particular wrench monkey, his grandfather owned several Chevelles virtually cementing the car in his mind as the American dream. For decades he felt like he’d never be able to afford one of his own until he saw this vehicle on Facebook marketplace. The rest of the story kind of tells itself and, clearly, he purchased the Chevelle wagon despite its condition.

After getting the clunker home, the next step was to try and get the engine started and running. As you might have guessed, this spawned a seemingly endless battle between the man himself and his newly purchased mechanical companion. This battle was not one of opposition but one of determination to revive the old engine eventually even going as far as to replace some electrical parts. Eventually all of that hard work bore fruit as the 307 cubic inch V8 engine roared once again showing the world what can really be done with a classic car.

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