Ford gives its blessing.

In an unprecedented move, the automotive giant Ford has granted UK-based tech firm, Charge Cars, the licence to use the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback's signature 'trade dress'. This iconic silhouette, so familiar and adored by classic car enthusiasts, is about to embark on a bold, electric journey.

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Situated close to Heathrow Airport, Charge Cars is more than just a car company; it's a fusion of classic aesthetics and future-forward technology. This recent licence agreement from Ford will now enable Charge Cars to handcraft shells and panels for their ‘67 model entirely within their own facilities, eliminating the need to purchase from third-party sources.

And for those purists who may initially be taken aback by electrifying such a classic – the specifications of the '67 might just change some minds. This isn't just any electric vehicle (EV); it's an emission-free beast that beautifully combines the iconic look of the Mustang with a quad-motor setup. With a staggering output of 536bhp and 1,106lb ft, it is anything but a gentle drive in the park.

Modern features have been expertly woven into the classic frame. The EV boasts of tailored suspension, ultra-light carbon fibre components, and contemporary necessities such as ABS and traction control, vital given its impressive power dynamics. Even the batteries have been strategically placed mid-wheelbase, ensuring optimal centre of gravity and unparalleled safety standards.

The thrill is palpable in the words of Charge CEO and co-founder, Vadim Shagaleev. "In partnership with Ford's legacy, we're reimagining a timeless classic into a zero-emission powerhouse. The ’67 isn't just an EV; it's a trailblazer in electric luxury."

Future owners of the '67 can indulge in a spectrum of customisations, from unique colours to diverse materials and intricate detailing. Though one must hurry, as Charge Cars has committed to creating just 499 of these marvels, with a price tag starting at £350,000. It's a significant investment, indeed, but one that heralds the meeting of classic luxury with modern innovation. Charge Cars might be a fledgeling in the industry, but with ambitions this grand, they're destined to leave an indelible mark.

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