1957 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Races To Over 300 Miles Per Hour

Jan 15, 2024 2 min read
1957 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Races To Over 300 Miles Per Hour

This insane truck is a massively powerful racer with a taste for speed.

This vehicle is a super truck so incredibly built and well maintained for racing purposes that it needs no introduction. Instead, the space typically inhabited by an intro could all be used to show the beautiful past and familial upbringing of this man and his truck. Initially built by Les Shockley and codenamed Shock Wave, this truck was built for speed. We don't mean that in the usual acceleration context. Instead, this vehicle achieved the highest miles per hour known to any pickup truck worldwide. Eventually, it was purchased by the current owner's grandfather, a man he respects greatly and even shares a name with. From there, it was renamed Hotstreak before inevitably landing in the hands of the current driver.

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On either side of the rear, you'll see two massive engines with a combined horsepower rating of 25,000. This is also added to by the afterburners and some incredibly detailed aerodynamic work which help minimize the adverse effects of the truck's blocky exterior. The total weight of this vehicle adds up to a stunning 4,300lbs, which contributes to the truck's ability to stay planted even with lots of lift. To put all this into perspective, the planes used with the Blue Angels sport two 14,000 horsepower engines, adding up to a little over 28,000 horsepower. It is clear that this vehicle needs all the downforce and weight it can get, and with a 17ft length from bumper to bumper, it's no issue.

Around the afterburners, you will find two sets of parachutes that deploy when the driver has had his fill of the experience. With a top speed of 350 miles per hour, this truck stops with negative 10 Gs of force pushing on the driver. Even with the most advanced harnessing system, this would be terrifying. Astronauts feel about three Gs of pressure when taking off in a rocket ship, so you can see how this is a pretty daunting task for anyone. Nevertheless, this truck, built by some serious airplane experts, is likely the fastest truck that has ever or probably will ever be made and, with a driver record of about 340, who knows how fast it will be in the future.

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