1200-HP Duramax Chevelle Leaves Onlookers Stunned At SEMA

Nov 9, 2021 2 min read
1200-HP Duramax Chevelle Leaves Onlookers Stunned At SEMA

This incredible Chevelle shows the best of classic American styling and powerful engine design.

In the first muscle car evolution, people were hungry for a high-horsepower, smaller, cooler-looking car that would set a precedent for muscle cars to come. In 1964 Chevrolet answered this desire with the Chevelle, becoming one of America's favorite classic performance vehicles. But, over years of morphing the incredible car into a fiery, fast coupe with more than enough fun to satisfy any consumer, it was time for a refresh of the brand that had been built around the Chevelle. So, in 1968 Chevy introduced the second generation of Chevelle, essentially sealing its name into American automotive history forever.

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This is essentially what led the creators of this masterpiece to choose the shell of a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle for their most excellent SEMA build yet. However, the engine is an entirely different story as it aims to show off one of the truck industry's best powerhouses, the Duramax. Under the hood of this incredible classic ride is a 6.6-liter V8 which produces 1,200 horsepower with the help of two gigantic turbochargers which sit on either side of the engine. All of that power is sent through a ridiculous manual transmission which means that this car is enjoyable to drive no matter where you take it.

SEMA is all about crazy modified muscle cars with weird designs and tons of power, and this car epitomizes that perfectly. Torque is not an issue because this car is a diesel beast, and those are known for their hard launching and high torque. This incredible mashup of American classic styling and performance shows just what you can do with one crazy idea and a ridiculous amount of hard work. We can imagine that the team probably wasn't even sure that this incredible engine would fit. However, these guys put their heads together to push that great engine under the hood.

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