1,000 Horsepower Videogame Legend Races One Of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Cars

Apr 30, 2024 2 min read
1,000 Horsepower Videogame Legend Races One Of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Cars

Who will win this insane head to head race between one of the video gaming community’s coolest vehicles and Hollywood’s legendary sports cars.

The Hoonigan team has been recognized worldwide for their incredible engineering and racing ability feats since the conception of cars such as the Hoonicorn and others like it. Building cars is something that these guys eat, sleep, and breathe, and they have spent their time working together to produce some of the most incredible custom-built muscle, tuner, and streetcars on the planet. This race will genuinely show the ability of the Hoonigan build team as it puts one of the most instantly recognizable video game cars against one of Hollywood's most iconic sci-fi cars ever to hit the big screen.

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The Hoonigan-built Warthog from the internationally beloved Halo video game series is one side of the drag strip. Unlike many vehicles of this type, video game recreation cars, this powerful rock climbing beast has more than enough performance to put a smile on any halo fan's face. This performance comes in the form of a 440 ci Ford small-block V8 with twin Garet turbochargers, producing an insane 1,000 horsepower to all four wheels. This is contrasted by its competitor, who utilizes the power of a 3.3-liter turbocharged Stinger V6 powerhouse to push 487 horsepower through the body of the iconic DMC Delorean.

These cars are both incredible in their own right, and at first glance, it can be easy to assume a clear winner due to the insane 1,000 horsepower of the Warthog. However, the Delorean is just 2,725lbs which is extremely light compared to the 6,500lbs Halo tactical assault vehicle.

Round one is a 500 ft head-to-head race from a dig; this should help to compare the two cars' performance. When the flag drops, both cars take off, with the Warthog jumping a bit too soon. The Delorean wiped the floor with the tactical behemoth, but the Warthog was in RWD mode, so the results may change once all four wheels are engaged. The second race was heavily in favor of the Warthog as it was given 4WD, a passenger was put in the Delorean, and the Warthog was given the hit, which practically handed the won over to the 'Hog.

The final race was far fairer as it allowed the Warthog to use 4WD in a heads-up race between the Delorean with only the driver on board. This race produced an extremely close result for the two unique cars, but, in the end, the Warthog won by one foot. Thus, it would appear that, although these cars are very close in performance, the Warthog is the faster vehicle.

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