With A 1984 AM General M-925 Modified You Can Conquer All

May 10, 2019 2 min read
With A 1984 AM General M-925 Modified You Can Conquer All

This thing is seriously intimidating in all the right ways.

There are trucks, and then there is this 1984 AM General M-925 Modified. This is the ultimate heavy-duty off-road vehicle. It’s the kind of thing you want to have on hand for the zombie apocalypse, an epic overlanding adventure, or just to turn plenty of heads with a dramatic entrance. The exciting opportunity to own such an amazing truck comes thanks to AutoBarn Classic Cars.

With A 1984 AM General M-925 Modified You Can Conquer All

Appropriately, this rough-and-tumble machine wears a camouflage paint job, a protruding front bumper, and 53-inch Michelin tires along with 20-inch steel Hemtt wheels and a 5-inch lift for rolling over virtually anything. A nice, wide and 10-foot long bed with a fold-down tailgate is perfect for loading up whatever you want for the ultimate in adventure time. There’s even a custom light bar set over the windshield, plus a winch with a 100-yard cable.

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The 844ci 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine provides all the stout torque this truck needs. It works with a capable Allison 5-speed automatic transmission. You might think driving such a machine would be difficult, but power steering and a modified, air-assisted 4-wheel disc brake system put in last year make it a more manageable experience than you likely suspect. The fact the bed was originally 16 feet and was bobbed to 10, plus the third axle was removed, which also helps considerably. Of course, those modifications made it necessary to install a newly-designed driveshaft as well.

The interior features the original gauges and controls. Spring-ride seats for the driver and passengers are new, plus there’s a camo vinyl top.

This particular 1984 AM General M-925 Modified has been gone over thoroughly by a military motor pool mechanic, so everything is in good, working order. Also, this one had zero exposure to sand and was off-roaded minimally as it served in the National Guard. With just 13,601 miles on the clock, this truck is in fantastic shape

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