Volvo Will Tow Your Classic Car For Free

Jun 5, 2019 2 min read
Volvo Will Tow Your Classic Car For Free

Volvo's new 'Tow for Life' service will recover any Volvo of any vintage to the nearest dealer

Breaking down at the side of the road is never a nice experience, especially in classic cars when such a disastrous event is more likely. Stranded miles from home, you pray for a reliable recovery service to come to the rescue.

If you’re driving a Volvo in America, fear not, as the marque has just launched an intriguing pledge to tow any and all Volvos to their nearest dealer — free of charge!

This service is clearly aimed to give new buyers peace of mind when buying a new luxury car, but the offer also extends to classic Volvos, too. So regardless if you are in the latest XC40 SUV, prized P1800 E, or tired 240 wagon, help is at hand.

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Free recovery was already available for Volvos still under warranty, but this confidence inspiring move extends to all models and ages. The national cover is great news for vintage Volvo owners who can now run their vehicles to events without the fear of not getting home that evening.

Volvo Tow for Life Classic

Scott Doering, Head of Customer Service for Volvo Car USA, said: ‘Tow for Life ensures that in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle.’ He continued ‘It’s a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine Volvo parts and repair methods. This will get the customer back on the road faster and provide assurance that the repair was done right.’

Volvo owners can get help via the Volvo Customer Care number 1 (800) 550-5658, or by using the handy Volvo On-Call smartphone app. A benefit of using the app is that it can send the recovery team a more precise location, something very handy if you are somewhere unfamiliar.

There’s now no excuse for putting off buying that classic Volvo you’ve always wanted.

Source: Volvo

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