Vintage Camaro Wagon Photo Makes Us Want What Could Have Been

Oct 21, 2019 2 min read
Vintage Camaro Wagon Photo Makes Us Want What Could Have Been

The long-roof lover in us lusts after a 400-horspower vintage wagon like this Camaro concept.

As amazing as muscle cars and sports coupes are, there is always something special about wagon conversions. The thought of taking a powerful sports car and filling it with a huge hatch full of camping gear and friends tickles our fancy. When you add in the absurdity of seeing a long-roof machine blasting down the quarter mile we can’t help but smile. It’s a similar idea to seeing a minivan on a race track. A fast wagon seems just absurd enough, and just intriguing enough that we can’t help but want it. And that is where we sit now, looking at this 1967 Camaro Wagon concept.

It was posted up on Facebook by GM Photo Store, and it’s an image of a concept made by Fisher Body’s dedicated Camaro team. From a pure visual standpoint, we are already in love. The white top accents the extended roofline with dramatic flair against the black paint, and it makes the D-pillar out back appear like a giant spoiler. It’s a dash of Clark Griswold with a big dose of Road Runner.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better car to do this kind of wagon conversion for as well. The 1967 Camaro might be one of the greatest cars to ever wear a Chevrolet badge. Aside from that iconic and beautiful design, it was the car that birthed the legendary Z/28. Synonymous with performance, the Z/28 Camaro is a rare and powerful muscle car that still demands the attention of collectors the world over. Now just imagine that same car, but with room for a cooler full of snacks and a dog in the back, with a small rack holding a few surfboards on top. Suddenly the Camaro turns from American icon to a rolling embodiment of the entire American dream.

The true tragedy of this wonderful image is that Fisher Body never got the chance to build and sell these things. Despite being an invaluable asset to General Motors, including developing the company’s first airbag system, Fisher’s total conversion efforts on this project were never given a chance to flourish.

More wagon goodness for your eyeballs...

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