Now Is The Time To Bid On A 1969 AMC AMX

Oct 15, 2019 2 min read
Now Is The Time To Bid On A 1969 AMC AMX

Rust-free and running strong, this performance car from the past is a sight for sore eyes.

Created to ride the wave of muscle cars sweeping the nation, this 1969 AMC AMX is an important if not often forgotten part of automotive history. This particular one is in fantastic condition and includes the Go Package among other goodies. What’s more, it’s being auctioned right now through

Lest you think this car is a pushover, crammed under that beautiful hood is a 390ci V8 engine, the most potent option available from the factory. Just like any pure enthusiast vehicle, it provides you as the driver with the ultimate in control, a 4-speed manual transmission. Added to that is a an Edelbrock carb and custom headers. Manipulate those three pedals just so and you can do some amazing things which will bring a legitimate smile to your face.

This car is just breathtaking to behold. Luscious Gold paint pairs exceptionally well with dual Black stripes from nose to tail. There are also two-tone custom 5-spoke wheels and new tires. The interior includes rich dark brown seats and lighter brown for the carpeting, dash, and other components. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and wood grain accents on the dash and door panels make for a unique design. This is the kind of car you get to stand out in the sea of Mustangs and Camaros, and it works incredibly well for that.

The owner has added some modern conveniences, namely a Bluetooth system. Thankfully, the factory AM/FM radio is still installed, so you can rock out like old times.

While some might argue the AMX isn’t a muscle car because it doesn’t have rear seats, most consider it one today since it has the lines of a coupe and provided affordable performance back in its time. Besides, not having rear seats helps greatly with performance by shedding some weight.

As the 1960s progressed, American Motors found itself in a bad position. It needed some hit vehicles to pull itself out of a financial bind, and that’s when the AMX was born. Lightweight and different, the car quickly gained favor with enthusiasts. AMC was able to continue on until 1987, when Chrysler finally absorbed the company.

If you like this AMX, you better act now and register to place a bid. Other upcoming auctions on include some great vehicles, so be sure to check those out as well.

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