This Oldsmobile Might Be The Lowest Mileage Example In Existence

May 7, 2019 2 min read
This Oldsmobile Might Be The Lowest Mileage Example In Existence

Despite its 49 year age, this 442 has just 2,305 miles on the odometer, and is looking for a new home.

Oldsmobile may have stopped production some 15 years ago, but their legacy is sure to remain intact from their many memorable models. Perhaps the finest product to be born from the marque was the 442, depending on who you talk to.

The 442 allegedly stood for the mid-size muscle car housing a four-barrel carburetor, four-speed gearbox and a dual exhaust. Despite its survival into the early nineties, like most GM products at that point, the badge was all that remained from the original USP.

This stunning example of a 1970 442 is perhaps the most fondly remembered. With a touch of class rarely seen in the muscle car segment, the Oldsmobile managed to combine a smattering of luxury with all the power you would expect from a gurgling V8 monster.

1970 Oldsmobile 442

Offered by Restore A Muscle Car, this particular car is possibly the finest in existence. With a barely believable 2,305 miles on the odometer, it’s as close to factory fresh as you will find considering its 49 years. Judging by its condition, another 49 years look to be easily achievable.

Provenance is provided in fistfuls with the one. Not only does the car come complete with its original build sheet and window sticker, but also is just 1 of 142 produced with this specification. More alluring still, it’s just 1 of 262 W30 Sport Coupes ever built. We can easily bet this is the lowest mileage example out there, and is a true diamond in the rough.

Finished in the original Twilight Blue paint, the car looks fantastic. The only separation from originality is some paint below the waist, which was undertaken during the cars original warranty as a result of paint imperfections from the factory. Aside from that, the car is untouched since its creation, which is a truly remarkable feat by anyone’s measure.

For more information on this incredible 442, visit Restore A Muscle Car.

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