This John Deere Hot Rod Tractor Is Totally Unique

Apr 25, 2019 1 min read
This John Deere Hot Rod Tractor Is Totally Unique

Tractor meets hot rod. A strange combination that results in something incredible.

Tractors are often the bane of motorists lives. We all know that these hardy working vehicles do an essential job, but there’s always one lumbering down the same road you want to get down at just the wrong time. But what if tractors didn’t hold up traffic? This bit of blue sky thinking is now a reality thanks to this 1932 Chevrolet John Deere Street Rod being offered by Unique Speciality & Classic Cars.

You’ve never seen a tractor like this before… Dressed in traditional John Deere colors and featuring a full size cab, this hot rod is certainly distinctive. Its low-slung stature results from being built on a 1932 Chevrolet chassis, although this vehicle is clearly far from standard. Its open-wheel design is classic hot rod, while a 350 V8 motor is on clear display for all to see. A true mean machine.

The cab itself boasts two genuine John Deere bucket seats and plenty of space for two occupants. There’s even a couple of shelves for luggage should the temptation of a road trip arise. A custom ignition sequence adds to the drama, while an automatic transmission keeps life behind the wheel simple. Dispute this vehicles clear performance orientation, it also possesses a custom quick hitch system for towing — so in that respect it’s almost as practical as a real tractor.

Its advert states ‘This is truly a one-of-a-kind build, you will not see another one like it on the road.’ We have to agree! The odometer reads just 3,950 miles, something its new owner should change as the rest of the world needs to see this quirky build. Pricing has not been disclosed as yet, but interested parties are encouraged to get in contact with Unique Speciality & Classic Cars who have more information.

Straight out of the Wacky Races, this John Deere Street Rod won’t be causing a traffic jam any time soon.

Source: Unique Speciality & Classic Cars

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