The World’s First User Friendly Supercar Was A Honda

Apr 23, 2019 2 min read
1991 Acura NSX

This 1991 NSX has been acquired from the original owner and includes the window sticker and original alloy wheels

In the eighties sports cars had somehow lost their edge. Apart from the likes of Ferrari which were astronomically expensive, the selection of sports cars on offer around the world were rather flat.

That’s when Soichiro Honda decided to roll up his sleeves and come up with something the world had never seen; a supercar that could double as a daily driver. Welcome to the NSX, like this one offered by Leake Auction Company.

The NSX has its seat firmly held in the supercar hall of fame, with its legendary fettling by Ayrton Senna known by anyone from Svalbard to the southernmost tip of Argentina. Its introduction to the world, however, wasn’t an easy one.

The Ferrari 328 was the benchmark, and having canned the idea of using the Honda Formula 2 V6 engine, they came up with the 3 liter VTEC unit that produced 270 horsepower. Not only were the pistons forged but the connecting rods were made of titanium; a first for a production car.

1991 Acura NSX

The name came from the original project entitled NSX, which stands for New Sports Car, Unknown World. The X is a direct reference to the mathematical symbol that translates to an unknown variable. Pretty cool stuff.

The development of the car was assisted by not only Formula 1 cars, but crazier still F16 fighter jets and hydroplane racing boats, in an effort to create the 360 all round visibility to market it as the user friendly supercar.

After a rather ferocious negotiation with their metal suppliers, Honda managed to construct the car from aluminium. Honda even went to the extent of building an entirely new manufacturing facility to produce the aluminium monocoque chassis’.

The car featured here is a 1991 model which looks rather demonic in its glorious black paintwork. Despite the addition of the chrome wheels seen in the photo, the vendor assures the originals are indeed present with the car. Not only that, but it has just arrived from its original owner. Perhaps a chance to grab a bargain given those interesting wheels? To sweeten the deal further, the glorious manual transmission is fitted. Need we say any more?

For more information, visit the Motorious classifieds.

Source: Leake Auction Company

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