The Unsung Hero Of The Muscle Car Era: AMX

Apr 28, 2019 2 min read
The Unsung Hero Of The Muscle Car Era: AMX

This AMX is a particularly rare Go Pack car with the powerful 390 cubic inch motor and four-speed manual

AMC was not best known for pushing the boat out. Back in 1964, the company that brought us humdrum family boxes took some brave pills and decided that they wanted their share of the muscle car boom. Despite attempting to broaden their horizons in the luxury car segment, their brand image simply couldn’t cut it.

The concept car known as the Experimental – or X – debuted in 1966. It provided inspiration for the upcoming AMC Javelin, the supposed answer to the Mustang’s newly established pony car segment. Allegedly during the car's introduction, one board member thought they could push the boat out even further.

The AMX was born from the Javelin in 1968, but with a different niche. The wheelbase was cut, and the rear seats removed to create a two-seat sports car with an amusing carpeted space in the back that was clearly meant to house some seats.

1968 AMC AMX Go Pack

Up front, three engine options were offered, including 290, 341 and 390 cubic inch setups, with the 390 forming the Go Pack that is on the car featured here, offered by GAA Auctions.

The 390 variants are the rarest of the bunch, with the whole production run of the AMX being concluded after just three years and less than 20,000 examples. This one even features the four-speed manual, which is undoubtedly the most desirable combination. Look at the original options specified on the car and you’ll find a four-core radiator and power brakes.

Along with the original sales documents, the car is provided with a backstory of its origins. The previous owner’s father ran the AMC dealership in Elkin, and ordered the car new in 1968. Sadly, the father passed away before taking delivery of the car, yet it remained with the family up until 2018. The AMX has spent the last twenty years enjoying dry storage to preserve its remarkably original condition.

For more information on this rare AMX and other fantastic lots, visit GAA here.

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