The Growing Trend of Car Condos Explored

Jul 3, 2019 2 min read
The Growing Trend of Car Condos Explored

These spaces have been called the ultimate man caves for a reason.

It might seem like an odd idea at first, but a growing number of car owners are storing their vehicles in “condos” or luxury storage facilities. Instead of putting your classic in a dusty shed that’s next to someone who’s saving up paint thinners and old rags, you can put your appreciating investment in a place where it’s safe. These car condos are increasing in popularity across the United States and many other countries, with growth exploding in certain areas.

For many, a car condo is a way to ensure a vehicle they don’t drive often is protected. Facilities often feature thick walls, security systems, and fire suppression systems. It’s a better bet than parking a valuable ride in a shed at the back or your property. Plus, some people live in condo developments themselves and don’t have the space to park more than one car.

The amenities in these car condos runs the range. Many are piped for water and sewer, so you can install a bathroom and maybe even a kitchenette. Certain developments have space for a loft, so you can put couches, a big screen TV, and maybe even a bar in the same area as your collector car. With owners spending a fair amount of time in these car condos, it’s not difficult to see why they’d be referred to as man caves.


Just like with a regular condo, owners of car condos can rent them out. Many developers say that rarely happens, thanks to strong demand.

While you might expect all the vehicles being stored in these car condos are flashy Ferraris, McLarens, or maybe C1 Corvettes, some are actually motor homes and other larger trucks. It makes sense, considering those types of rides can be difficult to store, and many car condos feature tall and wide garage doors as well as a tall space. In areas where severe weather is a regular threat, like south Florida and the Great Lakes, it’s quite attractive to store a motor home which cost well over $100,000 in a facility that can protect it during a violent storm.

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