The Greatest Looking Coupe From The Eighties: BMW M6

Apr 4, 2019 2 min read
The Greatest Looking Coupe From The Eighties: BMW M6

Sporting that famous slanted front end, the E24 M6 was one evil looking monster, and with M1 inspired credentials it was also one of BMW’s finest

BMW design has forever retained the same philosophy. The kidney-shaped grille quickly became a symbol of Bavarian power, and along with it some of the finest and most influential classics that Europe had to offer.

Although most enthusiasts' assertion that BMW's M1 – and E30 M3 – radiates Germany's most aggressive automotive presence, perhaps the meanest looking of all is the shark-nosed E24 6 series. With a front end that resembles a menacing Great White leaning forward with intent, it’s one of the most iconic designs to ever grace our streets.

1986 BMW E24 M6

Whilst the 6 series was being launched, BMW’s Motorsport division was in its formative years. The M1 was released in 1978 featuring a joint development initiative with none other than Lamborghini.

The M88/3 motor was used in the first generation M6. It used a modified version of the M88/1 which was the heart and soul of the M1 race car, with a now symbolic straight six and 3.5 liters developing 286 horsepower. The racey unit propelled the M6 to 158 miles per hour, making it BMW’s second fastest production car behind the M1 itself.

The car featured here is a second generation example, featuring a S38 of very similar design and is simply stunning. With contrasting black over cream it sports just 69,000 miles on the odometer, yet these numbers do not do this car justice. Unlike most cars of this vintage, this M6 even boasts having a 20 year dealer service history with specialists taking over its care from 2008 onwards.

In 2014 the previous owner decided to go carte blanche and treated the car to a $40,000 restoration, including a $14,000 glass out repaint that leaves the car in unequivocal concours condition for the new owner to enjoy.

For more information on this M6 visit the Motorious classifieds.

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