Take A Ride Through Time In This 1914 Ford Model T Geneva Coach

Apr 28, 2019 2 min read
Take A Ride Through Time In This 1914 Ford Model T Geneva Coach

Even for a Model T, this thing is pretty unique.

While there are plenty of classic cars that would be great to own, few carry the same level of historical significance as this 1914 Ford Model T Geneva Coach. This car built for the masses can be yours to enjoy, thanks to Vintage Car Collector.

Take A Ride Through Time In This 1914 Ford Model T Geneva Coach

Lovingly known as Tin Lizzie, the Model T put Ford on the map and is considered by many to be one of the most important vehicles of the 20th century. This particular car has been converted for Geneva Coach as a transport for people. That means a bench seat up front like you’d find in an old carriage, while the passengers and cargo would ride in the box in the rear.

The leather, wood, and metal components in the front seating area and rear box are all in excellent condition. The same is true of the black paint job and the hand-painted letting on the sides of the box, adding to the charm of this car.

Simple mechanicals mean this car isn’t difficult to work on at all. Thanks to the great level of interest in the Model T, you won’t struggle to find parts. There are many enthusiast groups out there with members more than happy to help you learn how to properly care for this unique car. Driving it anywhere always makes people smile and talk.

Over 15 million Model Ts were built in Michigan, making it truly a car for the common man. Production began in 1908 and went all the way until 1927. Not only was it affordable to buy, but it was also known for being easy to maintain and enduring many miles of driving.

Ford offered the Model T in a whole range of body styles, plus companies and individuals were fond of modifying the cars to suit their needs. Get a closer look at the Ford here.

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