Spanking Mustangs Is Easy And Fun With A 2018 Chevrolet YENKO Camaro

Jun 6, 2019 2 min read
Spanking Mustangs Is Easy And Fun With A 2018 Chevrolet YENKO Camaro

You’re going to make some pony drivers cry with this beast.

There are fast cars, there are special cars, and then there is this 2018 Chevrolet YENKO Camaro Stage 1, which is both fast and special. As pretty much anyone with any sense can tell, this is not your neighbor’s boring Camaro but instead has been upgraded to push performance to a whole different plane. If this muscle car from Sunnyside Classics doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re probably pretty much dead.

Spanking Mustangs Is Easy And Fun With A 2018 Chevrolet YENKO Camaro

Let’s be honest, what everyone really cares about on this car is the monstrous 6.2-liter V8 engine. It’s a beast, pushing out a mighty 825 horsepower, which is going to blow away just about anything else you’ll encounter. Also helping is the advanced automatic transmission which shifts gears in a hurry and perfectly each time. You need balance with all that additional power, and that’s where the performance suspension comes in, tightening everything up so you aren’t slopping through turns but instead you’re sticking that apex with a ferocity.


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Your average observer is going to be drawn to that flashy exterior, and for good reason. It screams performance, and thankfully this Camaro has the guts to back that up. Plenty of unique exterior mods are plainly visible, like a rear stanchion spoiler, upgraded wheels, and a massive hood scoop. A glistening black paint job contrasts perfectly with the orange Yenko graphics, clearly announcing what this car is all about. The HID headlights have ultra-cool halo rings.

The interior of this car is also unique and geared towards performance runs. One big difference is the flat-bottom steering wheel, which really helps when you’re really whipping through turns on the track. This Chevy also comes with a nice sunroof, spectrum lighting, and a rearview camera.

There are only 25 2018 Yenko Camaros in existence and this one is #15. These things are a blast to drive, plus this ride is guaranteed to be collectible from now until the end of time. If you’re searching for something special and modern, this is it.

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