Ride Hard On A 1998 BMW R1200C

Aug 7, 2019 2 min read
Ride Hard On A 1998 BMW R1200C

Ride the same motorcycle Bond used in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Most people don’t look to BMW for a cruiser, but this well-composed 1998 BMW R1200C was aimed directly at the heart of Harley-Davidson. It really came into mainstream fame when James Bond rode it in “Tomorrow Never Dies.” The tough looks combine with advanced German technology make for a motorcycle that even today is fun to ride.

Ride Hard On A 1998 BMW R1200C

There’s no mistaking it, the best thing about this bike is its appearance. Classic looks, including a large headlight, healthy fenders, wire-spoke wheels, big gas tank, low-slung engine, plenty of chrome cladding, and other elements people think of when dreaming of the perfect cruiser are all put together with perfection. There’s a large and well-padded seat, plus the passenger seat can fold upward to create a backrest if you’re riding alone over long distances, which is quite the helpful feature.

While there’s a four-stroke, two-cylinder horizontally opposed 1200cc boxer engine, nobody will consider this BMW to be particularly quick. Still, it’s a blast to ride on any road, especially if you’re interested in a pleasure cruise or long-distance trek. A five-speed transmission with a dry plate clutch similar to what you find in many cars makes for engaging gear changes.

Contributing further to this motorcycle’s positive attributes is the reduced bounce versus other cruisers, plus good ground clearance. You’ll find the brakes are excellent, and the steering is stable, and there’s a low center of gravity, providing you with superior control. Riding this motorcycle is a confidence booster.

One of the great things about the R1200C is its reputation for bullet-proof reliability. That’s due in part to the Bosch fuel injection system, which also economizes gas. If you want a motorcycle that looks cool and doesn’t give you too many fits, this is an excellent option to consider. Anyone interested in this bike can inquire about it through the Orlando Auto Museum.

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